Amy Warden’s Soap Challenge for November 2015



This was my first time entering a Great Cakes Soapworks Challenge, hosted by Amy Warden. I must say that I picked a hard one to start out with! It was so much fun to attempt the Tall & Skinny Shimmy. I’d never done any design like it. I thought for days what colors I would use, what scent I could use, what could I do to make it a bit different. After several tries and fails, this is the best I came up with. A few of my other tries did have a bit more shimmy, but they weren’t quite right. In the end, I have chosen to enter this soap because out of all of the soaps I made with this technique, I  love the colors in this one the most.

I chose a Black Raspberry Vanilla Fragrance. My color scheme (front bottom to top of the soap) is Sky Blue, Turquoise, Purple, Pink, Magenta and Black. To give the black a bit more pizzazz, I added Fairy Dust mica to the mix. My soap batter got a little too thick on me, but I just went with it. I got in some pretty swirls on the top and added a touch of glitter.

Good luck to all who entered this challenge. I hope to enter more challenges in the future!



4 thoughts on “Amy Warden’s Soap Challenge for November 2015

  1. These are definitely gorgeous, Heather! Reminds me of a colorful animal print with the black in-between. You did a great job for your first challenge – hope you’ll be back for many more! I promise they aren’t all this difficult! However, you know you grow the more you practice which is what we’re all about. 🙂

  2. NIce job on a very tricky challenge, read some of the other entries, looks like many of us had do overs! You will love the challenges, you always learn great soaping techniques and the people are super supportive.

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